Akva Sound®

Transforming frequencies of sound to movements in the water

The technology

Water conducts sound 25 times more effectively than air, which is why whales can communicate over distances of more than 50 km. With Akva Sound® a technology is introduced transforming frequencies of sound to movements in the water. It combines vibrations with audible sounds and creates an integrated sensory experience.

Whether used for relaxation or targeted therapy, the intensity of the sound transmission and the frequency spectrum can be regulated independently of the sound source and the loudspeakers of the room with an easy-to-use control unit.

The sound transducers are mounted in the base plates allowing them to transmit vibrations directly to the water.

The control unit

The control unit turns on automatically whenever an audio signal is registered. The power of sound and vibration are adjustable. The control panel is installed discreetly in the wooden base, but it can also be installed outside the waterbed.


Bluetooth receiver for the control unit

Smartphones, tablets or other Bluetooth-enabled devices connected to the Akva Sound® control unit can transmit music wirelessly.

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